Television is exciting, engaging and empathetic, with the compelling power to bring brands and advertising campaigns to life unlike any other medium. The television experience is a glorious sensory feast, entertaining the nation, igniting strong emotions and bringing people together – and our history proves ITV is the best of the best.

Here at ITV your brand can thrive like nowhere else; it's the place where brands are born, evolve, live and grow, and we've got some incredible stats that show you just why that is.

In 2017 ITV has:

  • Shown the most watched soap on any channel: Coronation Street average 7.6m viewers, which is more than a million viewers more than Eastenders.
  • Shown the most watched drama series and new drama series on any channel: Broadchurch averaged 10.7m viewers and Liar averaged 8.3m viewers.
  • Shown the most watched show on any channel amongst 16-34s (and 16-24s): I'm a Celebrity's launch episode had 3.7m16-34s with a 72% share and 1.6m 16-24s with a 79% share.
  • The biggest digital channel for 16-34s: ITV has overtaken E4 to be the biggest channel for 16-34 viewing, with a 5.5% share.

ITV is the only commercial channel that regularly attracts big audiences - 974 of the top 1000 commercial audiences in 2017 were shown by ITV.

ITV's average weekly reach is 64% - and our family reaches 72.9%.

TV advertising works, it works better than anything else, and it works for all budgets. Nothing else has TV’s reach, scale and connection with audiences; no other form of advertising is as trusted. Online businesses in particular recognise the impact TV advertising has and have significantly increased their investment recently. This is something we expect to continue in 2018.

Lindsey Clay , Chief Executive, Thinkbox

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    of the top commercial programmes were on ITV
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    Housewives reached by the ITV Family in one week
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    16-34s reached by the ITV Family in one week

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