Second Screen: The Science behind ITV Programme Apps


ITV's new award winning research study uses the power of neuroscience to discover how engaged ITV programme app users are with its entertainment shows and the benefits for brand partners.


Working with Neuro-Insight, ITV set out to prove that app partnerships built strong emotional connections between brands and viewers, through a shared passion. ITV utilised Neuro-Insight’s unique methodology – Steady State Topography – to track viewers’ subconscious responses towards the Britain’s Got Talent app.  All in a live, in-home viewing environment.

The study revealed that ITV programme app usage enhances the TV viewing experience and app users are more receptive to both on screen TV ads and In App ads – including Second Screen Takeovers.

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  • Second Screen: The Science behind ITV Programme Apps

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Key Findings

  • App usage enhances the TV viewing experience. It ramps up enjoyment.
  • App users are more involved in the show. The interactive elements of the app (eg. quizzes and voting) strengthen involvement and engagement.
  • App users are more receptive to on screen TV ads and TV Sponsor idents. This is evidenced by stronger brain response (‘Long term memory’ & ‘Approach’) amongst app users.
  • App users are even more receptive to Second Screen Takeovers than TV ads - as evidenced by stronger brain response.
  • Dwell time and brain response are positively linked. Those who spent longer using the app responded more positively to both ads and sponsorship.

This study is a continuation of our Fusion research programme in which we explore each of our 5 elements to demonstrate why it is a recipe for successful partnerships.

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