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ITV Village logoTHE ITV VILLAGE - our online research community 

The ITV Village is how ITV ensure the voice of the viewer is reflected through every part of the business from commissioning, marketing, online and commercial. Think of it as a viewer social network, with over 4000 viewers connecting daily with each other to discuss the world around them - from their holiday plans, their TV viewing behaviours to their favourite fast food brands.

The panel is nationally representative, and panel members can take part via quick polls, surveys, discussion rooms or online focus groups. Use it to tap into fast, real time insights for your marketing briefs.

There are 2 ways you can use the ITV Village.

1.  ADHOC: add bespoke questions

2. CONTINUOUS: add questions or access monthly category insights

View 2018 category calendar page here

If you would like to use the ITV Village for your next brief, please contact your ITV sales representative 

ITV Village