ITV Sponsorship 982

There is a growing body of evidence on how to build successful brands. Reach is still critical for business success, brand building is a primary driver of long term growth and brands with high share of voice relative to size, grow. We have explored all of these in our fantastic new research study Sponsorship 982.

982 award



There were four key elements to the study:

1) Analysis of our database of over 100 sponsorship studies across 5 years.

2) Nationally representative surveys conducted to understand where sponsorship fits within the media mix.

3) Interviews with ITV viewers in London and Manchester.

4) Analysis of BARB data to show how sponsorships contribute to TV advertising Share Of Voice.

Here are the three key takeouts:



ITV Sponsorships are noticed through their extensive reach either alone or combined with spot advertising, with 9 in 10 viewers agreeing that they boost brand awareness.

ITV programmes are unique assets that can be used to connect brands to consumers and sponsorship ensures ITV viewers see and notice the brand. 

84% agree that sponsorships were seen equally important for both challenger brands and well known brands. This is supported by our database of studies, which showed that ITV  sponsorships increased brand awareness by 24% on average.

Hear from our viewers on how sponsorships stand out for them:



Brand Building 

Not only do our sponsorships raise brand awareness, they also build brands through consideration, with an average 8% points increase in studies we have covered over the last 5 years.

8/10 agree that TV programme sponsorship help build a brand reputation and 6/10 agree that it makes them think a brand is more trustworthy. We found that our sponsorships significantly raised brand image scores by +21% on average.

Hear from our viewers on how programme sponsorships work for them:


Share Of Voice 

Finally our sponsorships work well in isolation, but they work better with other media, especially spot where you can double (x2) a brand's Share Of Voice when on air. 

Having multiple media touchpoints proved to increase brand image scores, with three or more touchpoints giving an overall brand image score of 70%.

Hear from our viewers on the importance of sponsorship integrating with other media:


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