ITV Booth

The Booth is ITV’s window into the world of 16-24 year olds. There are over 7 million 16-24 year olds in the UK, making up 14% of the adult population, and we know that this audience are watching TV in new and different ways. Understanding this age group is therefore absolutely essential for the future of ITV both editorially and commercially. The Booth plays a crucial role in this through providing ITV and its partners with regular insights around a wide range of topics relating to 16-24s. These include: who they are; what they think and feel; their attitudes and behaviours; what media they are consuming and how they are doing this.   

Key findings around our ITV Booth research.


  • This age group is the most diverse the UK has ever seen. 1 in 4 16-24 year olds are non white British.
  • Despite the negative image of youth, this generation are more risk averse, drinking less, smoking less, and taking less drugs than any generation before them.
  • This generation love video content. They watch 3 hours and 27 minutes a day to be exact. Contrary to some beliefs they still watch a lot of traditional TV, with 56% of this time allocated to TV viewing. They are however also more likely to watch content via non traditional services like Netflix.
  • Gaming and E-sports is a massive industry. Among males gaming is more popular than sport and last year more people watched the Dota 2 e-sports tournament than the Super Bowl.

What ITV Booth can do for brands:

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