ITV Fusion

ITV Fusion is our unique and powerful approach to TV partnerships.

Partnership needn’t stop at ‘badging’ and idents anymore. With ITV Fusion, we can take the interests of your brand, the most popular content on ITV and the needs of our shared audiences, and fuse them together – merging each image and their mutual interests.

Like all great ideas it may seem obvious in retrospect, but it’s something that needs combined production, broadcasting and research resources on a scale that only ITV possesses.

So, how does it work?

Instead of simply piggybacking on the success of a popular TV show, with ITV Fusion your brand becomes an integral part of that show and its long-term success – and it, in turn, becomes an integral part of your brand.


Download our factsheet all about the science behind our ITV Programme apps

  • Second Screen: The Science behind ITV Programme Apps

    Our handy one pager on the award winning insights behind ITV programme apps users

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