Digital partnerships

Our viewers are passionate about our programming and love to find new ways to engage with their favourites. Whether that's watching live or catch-up on the ITV Hub, voting on some of our show apps, finding exclusive content on the website or joining the conversation on our social channels.

Fans of shows are known to be more receptive to advertising messages which makes this is a fantastic opportunity for brands to join in and take advantage of the highly engaged audience. Digital partnerships can be an extension of broader partnership campaigns, or standalone in their own right, and campaigns can be of varying budget sizes.

Digital partnership packages can include:

  • sponsor button, display inventory
  • splash reveals, premium pushdowns takeovers on the show's site and/or ITV Hub homepage but also 5'' sponsor bumpers on ITV Hub (desktop and mobile)
  • social media pushes on the show's Facebook and twitter pages
  • Second screen takeover, bespoke content, games.competition creating a very strong link between the programme and its sponsor, reaching the audience on all platforms
  • Premium Display

    Premium Display

    Premium Pushdowns offer a responsive page takeover flexible enough to work on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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  • Second Screen

    Second Screen

    The ideal environment to create an active conversation and engagement between brand and viewers.

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  • Social Media

    Social Media

    With our popular and diversified Facebook and Twitter pages we give our partners and sponsors the opportunity to talk to the right audience at the heart of what they love: their favourite TV shows.

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  • Bespoke Activation

    Bespoke Activation

    Using our talents and your shows assets, we can offer and create bespoke activation to help elevate your brand.

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