Reactive Advertising

ITV can help you seize the moment and make your TV advertising campaign even more powerful in real time.

Immediacy: Reactive ad technology allows brands and advertisers to change their broadcast creative minutes before transmission, which creates advertising that is relevant, timely and topical.

                          interactive reactive

Interactivity: Allowing your customers the ability to interact enables them to take part in something larger and allows your brand to tap into earned media space using the most powerful medium available.

What Reactive Advertising can do for brands:

Some examples of Reactive Advertising could be:

second screen

  • Social feeds
  • Reactive polls
  • Live gaming
  • Competitions
  • Live information
  • Live audio-visual

From using this technique, Intel’s likeability grew from 41% to 83% among those who engaged. You can find out more about this campaign here.

Live Ads Reactive Ads

This form of reactive advertising involves a broadcast ad template with elements that change moments before transmission.

Live audio-visual: This captures live audio or video content just moments before transmission. This is powerful when used to advertise live events, experiential marketing and current affairs.

Live graphics: Where graphics are dynamically updated just moments before transmission which can be used for live odds, weather, sports results, etc.

For more on the possibilities of Live Ads, see our award-winning Territorial Army campaign.

Late Delivery ads

These are traditional ads that are delivered late (i.e. up to 6 hours before transmission). An example of this is Barclays Life Skills. Barclays partnered with ITV for a week-long campaign following two young people undertaking work experience.

As part of LifeSkills Work Week, we created daily same-day turnaround, documentary-style TV adverts showing first-hand what it’s like to undertake work experience.