Channel Partnerships

ITV is the human broadcaster, living at the heart of UK popular culture.  Our visual identity shows this through our surprising and ever-changing logo, which picks colours from real-life imagery and our content. This puts the brand at the heart of every conversation.

 Increasingly, ITV is building bespoke on-air and off-air partnerships around its main channel brand (ITV) and digital channel brands (ITV2, itvBe.)  

ITV is a well loved brand with a number of transferable associations that brands can and do appropriate when associated with ITV in a channel partnership format.  

Our research has shown us that the more integrated the ITV brand is within the bespoke advert, the more likely the channel partnership will improve the adverts performance and a transfer of these brand associations will occur.

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  • Brand Licensing

    Commercial partners can access our audience and build relationships using off-air TV rights to create activation campaigns.

    Brand Licensing

  • What Channel Partnerships can do for brands:

    TV Channel Partnerships work in two ways to deliver positive impact on partner brands.

    • They offer a transfer of ITV key brand attributes of entertainment value, high quality family friendly content and existing at the heart of popular culture.  
    • And they increase the effectiveness of the TV ad creative by marking the creative as something special.  Channel Partnerships are more likely to transfer associations and boost creative effectiveness where the ITV brand is heavily integrated into the creative through branding, IP, programmes or talent.